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Test your wastewater too

Get an overview of chemicals, germs etc. in your companies wastewater  - AquaScan protects you and your business

Effortlessly test wastewater

AquaScan brings clarity

It serves as a scientifically validated catalog for screening health- or operationally-relevant substances and residues - a fingerprint of your operational and governmental processes. With AquaScan, we support your in-house quality management by providing a solid and easily implementable method for continuous compliance with the requirements that you regularly need.


The right tool for the food industry

Previously underestimated causes of infections are noroviruses, rotaviruses, and hepatitis viruses, which can also be transmitted through food. According to scientific literature, these selected pathogens can be detected in wastewater, provided that effluent samples are collected multiple times on the test day and evaluated through pooling after concentration.We can also test for the following substances and micropollutants, for example:

  • Sweeteners
  • Parabens
  • Heavy metals
  • Food residues
  • Disinfectant residues

Wastewater Monitoring as an Early Warning System

In contrast to individual testing, the non-invasive AquaScan offers the ideal "preventive monitoring strategy" - with significant advantages for your quality management. A lot can be read in wastewater - it is the fingerprint of our society, so to speak. Regular observation of the biomarkers it contains over a longer period of time allows trends and developments to be read off as a basis for a preventive and proactive strategy - even before germs and bacteria spread!