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as an early warning system

In contrast to individual testing, non-invasive wastewater screening for SARS-Cov-2 is the ideal "preventive monitoring strategy" - with significant advantages

Targeted control

"points of interest" (e.g., assisted living homes, schools, hospitals) on behalf of public health authorities, allowing rapid monitoring of changes in pandemic activity, such as the success of measures set (e.g., restriction of visits, vaccinations).

AquaScan as an early warning system

Everything can be read in wastewater - it is, so to speak, the fingerprint of our society. Of course, this becomes interesting when researchers observe these biomarkers over a longer period of time and read off trends to which the population can then in turn react.

Wastewater - a window into the world of information


Our contribution to your safety

It is a new epidemiological tool with the potential to complement current infectious disease surveillance systems and be an early warning system for disease outbreaks. By analyzing wastewater, the occurrence of new clusters can be monitored in real time at the local as well as community level. This is done by testing wastewater from farms and the general population for infectious diseases and the spread of resistance.


We are a team of ambitious specialists

With innovative ideas, we contribute to the fight against the spread of coronavirus. Due to our experience in the field of school testing and school site monitoring (testing of 120 wastewater treatment plants throughout Austria), we can already draw on great know-how as well as a corresponding, scalable infrastructure.


Prevention through planning

A situation as dramatic as that caused by SARS-CoV-2 in 2020/21 must be urgently prevented in the future. The method of wastewater monitoring is a suitable means to take measures in time (time advantage 4-6 days compared to real occurring incidences) and to prevent clustering.

Protection and prevention

The overall objective is to detect new viruses or other germs in wastewater at an early stage so that regional protective measures can be initiated immediately. In this way, any spread can be contained. It is important to prevent such a dramatic situation as was triggered by SARS-CoV-2 in the future. AquaScan  is a method that can also handle mass testing without any problems.

In laboratory diagnostics, fast results and innovative procedures are in demand. Flexibility and the ability to adapt to the needs of our clientele distinguish us as a laboratory service provider. The areas of application of epidemiological wastewater monitoring go far beyond the Corona pandemic. Influenza viruses, multi-resistant germs and other and novel bacteria and viruses can also be detected in wastewater.


Establishment and further development of methods in the area of analysis of wastewater for the SARS-CoV-2 virus, Laboratory Science Department for Research & Development.

Establishment of a workflow to integrate countries, municipalities and regions, companies and objects into our rapidly scalable system.

In-house laboratory mutation analysis, collaborations for sequencing.

Beta testing and monitoring of critical infrastructure for infection events to rapidly respond to changes.

IT interfaces for notifications and rapid communication with crisis teams, health services and decision makers.

Strategic partnerships for visualization tools and corona dashboards for clear presentation of measurement results.

Continuous expansion of our knowledge standards, integration into our systems, testing methods and adaptation of our IT systems.

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