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We are committed to common good and sustainable action, the 2030 Agenda with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and the promotion of sustainable peace. Health and prosperity as well as the protection of our planet are of great concern to us. In addition to protecting the environment and conserving resources, our focus is also on keeping our footprint as small as possible.


Sustainability in the company




Laboratory optimization

Conscious use of resources & energy

Future plans for sustainability

in regard to

our Rapid Response Mobile Laboratories (RRMLs)
Robust Analytics Mobile Service Entity for Surveillance
  • Through the mobile concept called RAMSES, the lab comes to the people - the people do not have to travel extra far.= 1x journey of RAMSES, instead of 100x people coming to us.
  • The concept of the mobile lab RAMSES is adaptable; we adapt to the conditions like climate and energy according to the local conditions there.
  • For example, in tropical countries we produce our own electricity through photovoltaic systems on the roof. We also bring the drinking water ourselves.
  • We use 'open systems'. This means that equipment and consumables can be used in multiple ways and are not wasted.
  • We also live sustainability in research & development: new developments, but also optimizations that have been made once, can be extended to all other mobile laboratories within a few seconds.
  • AI-supported air conditioning helps save energy.