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A laboratory tailored to your specific requirements

Our mobile laboratories, RAMSES, can be used as self-contained units at any location for various applications - quickly, efficiently, and maintenance-free!

Clarity - Innovation - Agility

Our RAMSES in action

Fully equipped high-end laboratory including equipment & innovative software suite. Our well-designed, compact construction allows us to tailor to your specific needs. Not only do you want a functional, self-sufficient, maintenance-free laboratory, but also solar panels on the roof or a water treatment system? No problem - we configure your laboratory according to your preferences!


A Glimpse into Our Ramses

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High Performance in a Compact Format

Our Laboratory Expertise

Always Ready - Our Mobile Laboratories can be used as self-sufficient units at any location for various purposes, such as environmental and natural disasters or military threats, where quick on-site assistance is required. They are equipped with their own water and power supply and can be autonomously deployed at any desired location within a few hours.


RAMSES add-ons as additional services

We configure your laboratory according to your requirements! Would you like to have a photovoltaic system installed on the roof of your RAMSES? Do you need an additional water treatment option? With our mobile RAMSES laboratory, all options are open! Building on the modular basic equipment, we offer customized expansion possibilities for your personal RAMSES laboratory - tailored to your needs and requirements!