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We bring biotechnology to the people

Customized innovations for a better quality of life.


Our mobile laboratory RAMSES

Versatile and adaptable for a range of applications - our mobile labs can be used as self-sufficient units in any location for various purposes, such as in environmental and natural disasters or military threats where immediate on-site assistance is required. They are equipped with their own water and power supply and can be autonomously operational at any desired location within a few hours.

Seecontainer am Schiff

ABX - Fully automated and anonymous sample submission

With our fully automated Automated Biotech Box (ABX), sample submission becomes hygienic, queue-free, anonymous, and discreet.


Wastewater screening

With our testing and monitoring concepts, various biological constituents in wastewater can be identified and mapped - a specific, sustainable, yet flexible monitoring approach.

AquaScan Monitoring

Wastewater monitoring as an early warning system

Prevention is better than cure: Unlike individual testing, the non-invasive AquaScan offers the ideal 
""preventive monitoring strategy"" - with significant advantages for your quality management. Everything can be read in wastewater - it is, so to speak, the fingerprint of our society. By regularly observing the biomarkers contained therein over a longer period, trends and developments can be identified as a basis for a preventive and proactive strategy - and that even before the spread of germs and bacteria!