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The people behind
Artichoke Computing GmbH
and what constitutes them

We stand for more safety and quality of life

We are a team of ambitious specialists who have been contributing to the fight against coronavirus spread with innovative ideas since the beginning of the pandemic. With medical support, we have developed qualitatively meaningful corona test systems that are analyzed and evaluated in our high-performance container laboratories. In the meantime, our corona test systems are well established on the market and we can count many companies and institutions among our satisfied customers, in addition to a large number of tested private individuals.

What makes us your partner

Our team consists of experts from the fields of medicine, research, business development, sales and leadership as well as IT and tech experts.

That's why we dare to say: We know what we are doing and still speak your language!



Boris Fahrnberger

Co-Founder and CEO

Challenging times require quick and decisive action. This has been our motto ever since we started offering rapidly available and meaningful coronatests to the public. In the meantime, our innovative products have long been in widespread use and COVID Fighters is no longer just an initiative, but part of the solution - in the fight for more safety and quality of life.

Martin Käfer

Co-Founder und CIO

Innovation is driven by a combination of curiosity and expertise. At Artichoke, we give both factors room to flourish.

As an IT-driven company, we stand for a novel, disruptive way of thinking in established fields and live this every day.

PS: The answer is 42.


Raphael Pontus

Co-Founder und CTO

As our company originally comes from the IT sector, we can also apply our IT competencies within the company to the healthcare sector, which brings great added value. It is therefore possible for us to create flexible, secure and cost-effective solutions in both the IT and healthcare sectors. Our goal is to improve the quality of life and to contribute to a safe coexistence even in difficult times.

Raphael T. Zöscher

Co-Founder and Consultant

Our time is characterized by constant change and a dynamism that is difficult to keep up with. The great tasks of the future lie in looking at these challenges in the digital world as well as in the real world from several angles and acting quickly and decisively, therein lies the strength of our artichoke.



Patrick Walchshofer


Our customized testing strategies help you safely protect your business from harm.


Philipp Maser

Assistant to the CSO

I attach importance not only to good advice during the sale, but also to good care afterwards. Our service is your success.



Pierre Hopmeier

Laboratory Physician & Human Geneticist

I support the initiatives of the COVID Fighters - the mobile test stations have innovative systems. This means that anyone can test themselves quickly and easily on site, in compliance with all quality and safety standards.
where we come from

We have the smartest hosting solutions in the Threefold Grid

The Threefold Network is currently the world's largest decentralized network of self-managing Internet capacity. It is reliable, secure, decentralized (scalable), sustainable, versatile, and capable of handling any IT workload. It is self-driving, self-healing, and requires minimal human intervention. We provide server capacity to host data on the Threefold network and drive the dream of giving control back to the owners. We are also working on a revolutionary app to monitor and combine environmental data to find the best and safest places to set up network nodes.

We make the internet a better place for everyone


Fastest Server

We use only premium hardware,
to drive your business forward.
This ensures first-class crash safety, maximum speed and best availability.


High Security

Being connected to the Threefold
means that data is stored
that data is stored in a decentralized manner.
This provides the highest possible data security.



We care about our environment.
That's why we're working on solutions for reusing
of server heat and an app for monitoring environmental health.